Parametric modelling & digital manufacturing for better bra fit

Student Name Xuxu Amoozegar-Montero
Master Thesis 2015/2016

This project focuses on developing an overall system for a more accurate bra design and fit. The bra, consequently, becomes part of a life-long service system that is able to adapt to both physical and personal desire of different types of bra wearers. The research has led to the design of a bra fitting and design system that allows each user to be measured for her unique contour and individual body shape. Due to the symbiotic relationship between bra fit and bra design, a parametric system has also been designed in order to digitize the measuring process, as well as offering bra wearers an opportunity to provide preferences for bra fit and design. This process explores the possibility of bringing the bra into a product-service-system and mass customization framework. Individuality will not only be in the form of taste, preference, attitude, color and aesthetics, but also through one’s inherent breast shape, structure, contours, volume, and asymmetry.

Designer and Master thesis: Xuxu

Creative director and supervisor: Edgar Rodriguez