An application of a set of strategies to elicit surprise through industrial design.

Design Edgar Rodriguez
Research assistant Charmaine Williams

ChanLEDier is an investigation on using defined strategies for eliciting surprise.

ChanLEDier uses the movement of its arms to first exist as a long and static entity and then opening up and create a chandelier full of light when turned on.

The arms are formed of small 3D printed pieces (thanks Objet!). The design is based on initial experiments of brainwaves data that are translated into three-dimensional shapes through software developed by Ben Jack. The 3D printed pieces allow for an accurate mechanism that opens and closes the lamp and emphasises the flexibility of the LED strips.

ChanLEDier was first exhibited at the International DesForm 2012 Conference Exhibition, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Designer: Edgar Rodriguez

Research assistant: Charmaine Williams