Tumblarm is that special alarm you use when you have to be sure to wake up on time to catch your flight or at an important presentation. It rings by the allowing the wooden blocks fall on the copper plate.

Designer: Callum Allen, Grace McIldowie, Michael Melbourne

Creative Director and supervisor: Edgar Rodriguez

We researched what kind of alarm clocks people use to get up on time in the morning; how they interact with them; and what factors contribute to sleep anxiety. It seems that alarms are used on a regular basis to wake up in the morning. However, being sure to get up on time for that urgent appointment, can cause sleep anxiety. People tend to check the digital screen constantly during the night, which affects the quality of their rest.

Tumblarm is activated by the simple dial that allows you to set your preferred alarm (top dial hours/lower dial minutes). Its sound is made from the wooden blocks falling onto the copper plate. Once the pieces have fallen it continues to play the same sound until the alarm is put back again. The blocks need to be put back together to stop the alarm.