Smart Health

One of our specialisations is in investigating health related problems and produce designs that often involve physical medical devices that communicate with games and apps to improve the experience of patients and help them follow their treatments. For instance, we are developing a game for kids in remote communities to help them follow their prescribed treatments for conditions such as skin sores. We are also developing devices to assist people in their stroke rehabilitation and 3D printed splints for children with cerebral palsy. The main health areas we address include stroke rehabilitation, conditions that require the use of splints including cerebral palsy, helping people engage with their therapies through designing with behaviour change strategies, pelvic floor disorders and diabetes. We are funded by the Centre of Research Excellence in Medical Technologies (CoRE MedTech) and work with collaborators from clinical backgrounds including neuroscience, physiotherapy and nursing. Our funding allows us to offer scholarships for research assistants, summer scholars, Masters students and PhD candidates passionate in these areas. All of our projects involve clinical supervision, have to go through a strict ethical scrutiny, and are aimed at being released in the market and help improve people’s lives.