Sleepling is a sleep tracker that gives the user a visual representation of their sleep habits throughout the week. Modelled after pot plants, it can sit comfortably on a bedside table.

Designer: Georgia Roud-Cochran, Samantha Whitham, William Zheng

Creative Director and supervisor: Edgar Rodriguez

We investigated how long young people, between 18-25 years, sleep and if they are aware of their sleeping patterns. Through cultural probes it was found people were not sleeping as there was no incentive to and often slept less than 8 hours per night. We looked at what people tend to have next to their bed on the bedside table to design an object suitable for this environment.

Sleepling visualises your sleeping patterns in the form of 7 leaves. When you achieve the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a frond will rise and glow green, mimicking a healthy plant. On a 5-6 hours night, the frond will rise mid-way and illuminate yellow. Less than 5 hours, the frond will remain stationary while highlighting brown, representing an unhealthy plant and inadequate sleep. Sleepling connects you with your friends via the app. In your ‘garden’, wish them a good night’s sleep by watering their plants, if they opt-in. Highlight them to determine whose plant is the healthiest and compete for ‘top plant’. View your past, present, and future plant stats, and improve your plant, your sleep, and your health.