Ready Rabbit

Ready Rabbit is an interactive toy for children who have problems sleeping without a night light and lets the child fall asleep by ‘reading’ a bedtime story.

Designer: Sophie Arnold, Isabelle Duncan, Yiheng Gu, Samuel Schulz

Creative Director and supervisor: Edgar Rodriguez

For this project, we investigated which elements children use to fall asleep at night. The children we interviewed liked having a light on at night and the door open because they either liked to be able to see the way to the bathroom or they were scared of the dark. Three out of four children we interviewed slept with a soft toy and liked bedtime stories.

With Ready Rabbit the child and parent can choose an audio segment that the rabbit then reads to the child. Pulling on the book lets the rabbit play an audiobook to the child. The child can fall asleep listening to a story.

Illuminating ears linked to a timer create a comfortable environment for the child to fall asleep in. The bunny can be put in its burrow during the day, which is also the charger.