People tend to wake up during the night because of cold hands & feet. Our design targets these key sectors of the body by providing them with added warmth when the user’s body temperature drops below a set value, which is adjustable by the user through a phone app.

Designer: Jack MacIntyre, Amandeep Rawat, Barnabas Smith, Max Syme

Creative Director and supervisor: Edgar Rodriguez

For our research we used a body map on which students who live in cold housing could indicate where they feel cold during the night. They highlighted areas of the body that were perceived to be the coldest parts while getting out of bed. Most of our participants found that toes and feet get extremely cold and need some immediate warming up. Our interviews indicated that the first clothing item they put on were socks.

Lilypad Arduinos, Lilypad Temperature sensors and heating pads are located in the four sleeves of the blanket designed for your limbs. The temperature sensors detect when it is less than (18°C) and autonomously activate the heating pads providing instant warmth. Heat packs warm up the feet and hands. It is also possible to wear the blanket while walking around.